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Current System Status

E-Mail Delivery to BT and Yahoo

14:46 24/02/2017

Identified - We are seeing that a number of rejections to BT and Yahoo are being caused by badly formed SPF records. If you are having issues sending to addresses with BT and Yahoo from our systems we recommend using the following SPF:-

v=spf1 exists:%{i} exists:%{i} -all

If you need any assistance in updating this our support team will be happy to help.
Feb 10, 17:52 GMT

Investigating - We are seeing some failures as well as delays with Mail Delivery to BT and Yahoo addresses from messages sent from our network.

Our System Administrators are currently working on this and we will provide further updates here as we have them.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused as a result of this
Jan 23, 12:30 GMT and associated subdomains SSL issues and Trust issues in some browsers

10:31 27/02/2017

We have been alerted to a potential issue with SSL connections to and associated subdomains such as

Some browsers are also reporting trust issues when navigating to

We're investigating this now and will provide an update as soon as we know more.

Update 11:09 27/02/2017

It appears that the domain has been incorrectly listed as a phishing site on a very small number of alert lists this has resulted in some mail clients reporting SSL issues due to forced redirection by the mail client away from the domain.

Some people are also getting trust warnings when visiting these can be ignored and we're currently trying to contact the companies that hold the incorrect listings.

Some customers are also reporting issues with sent mail (via being bounced or not delivered, this is being looked into and we will update this page again soon when we have more information.

Update 12:31 27/02/2017

There are two main related issues currently impacting customers

1/ Mail client SSL connections to for exchange mailboxes

These issues have been comprised mainly of Outlook (and similar mail clients) connections returning SSL certificate errors. This is happening because their client/connection is redirecting away from towards a warning page and seeing that certificate. This is due to the 2nd issue:

2/ The incorrect listing of as a phishing domain

This will result in some customers being redirected and breaking SSL (as above) but will also result in warning pages being presented when visiting the web based interfaces for either exchange or standard mail: or These warnings can be ignored and once logged in mail can be sent/received with no issues at all.
Currently these warnings are only present for users of Google's Chrome web-browser.

A large percentage of people experiencing the first issue are using openDNS as a DNS resolver rather than their own ISP. As a temporary measure you can revert any changes you've made to DNS back to your internet providers default values and normal service should resume. Any customer still experiencing issues after that, or that are having exchange mailbox connection issues despite not using openDNS please contact support.

Update 14:39 27/02/2017

Mail sent via the or online systems are having intermittent issues due to the listing resulting in some sent mail being black-holed. This should be resolved soon and we'll update you as soon as we have more info please bear with us.

Update 15:29 27/02/2017

Mail sent via the online systems should now be sending normally again, other issues (Connecting with Outlook if using openDNS as a DNS resolver and phishing warning pages when navigating to or are still ongoing.

Update 17:11 27/02/2017

We are still waiting on a response from OpenDNS for the false positive regarding phishing warnings on We will continue to monitor this over the course of this evening and tonight.

Planned System Maintenance

There is currently no planned maintenance.